VSL iconWelcome to the Vehicle Speed logger - aka VSL website.

Recently there has been a lot of conjecture whether or not speed/traffic cameras have been accurate. These cameras are sensitive devices that require regular calibrating and maintenance to provide accurate readings.

How do we as drivers know the cameras that “snap” vehicles on a daily basis are in fact accurate? Vehicle Speed Logger (aka VSL) is your answer.

Have you ever received a fine in the mail claiming you have been driving “X” amount of Kilometers\Miles over the speed limit, knowing well and good in your mind you had been keeping to the speed limits?

Well fear not any longer. Vehicle Speed Logger (VSL) has been specifically developed for those drivers in mind.

Vehicle Speed Logger is a new iPhone app concept in speed monitoring and logging for those frequently on the road. Perfect for couriers, taxi drivers and every day commuters. Vehicle Speed Logger keeps a minute-by-minute log of your speed, date, time & location using iOS maps and tracks your movement utilizing GPS.

A similar and less inferior device plugged into your vehicle would cost anywhere from $99 to $500. For just $0.99 you have a far superior application in vehicle Speed Logger on your iPhone that will display date, time, speed, distance & longitude/latitude of your location, which can be cross-referenced using the built-in maps in the app and iPhone. Nothing more to carry!

Vehicle Speed Logger runs in the background allowing you to utilise other iPhone applications such as GPS apps eg. (Garmin, TomTom etc) whilst monitoring and logging of all information is conducted in the database.

Don’t risk having demerits points added to your driving history and or have unwarranted hefty fines issued to you in the mail. This app will store up to 45 days of data in the app’s database, which can be accessed at any time. Having this data at hand can assist you in disputing the fine if necessary in court. Be armed with all the information to potentially save hundreds of $$$$$ in fines.

Keep those speed/traffic cameras honest.